The most popular printing technology today

Services available at Bo Cong Anh Creative include packaging design, leaflet printing, paper bag printing, desktop calendar, catalog design, brochure, name card and other advertising publications. Let's take a look at some of our products:
1. Offset printing
With outstanding advantages, offset printing is considered the most modern printing technology. Offset printing technology has existed for a long time but later thanks to the support of electronic publishing technology and cybernetics, printing quality has reached a high level, so that we can print out products with sharpness and subtle color which can be equivalent to the photo and printed mainly on paper material.
Offset printing technology is used quite a lot on the market today. The process is the image of ink stick pressed onto offset sheets (made of rubber) and then pressed the offset onto paper. Print well on surfaces of paper, cardboard, plastic carton or just materials with a flat surface. Suitable for printing leaflets, name cards, printing calendars on books, packaging and so on.
2. Flexo printing
The full name is Flexographya. With this printing technology, we can get high quality printed products in rolls. Printing materials with this printing technique are more diverse, such as printing on plastic, metal, cellophane, etc. Flexo printers are often used to print packaging, stamps, labels, marks or can also print some types of newspaper.
3. Silk screen printing 
Is one of the oldest printing technologies. Silk screen printing still has its own advantages such as low volume printing, low cost, and can print on many different materials and surfaces, including non-flat surfaces that offset printing cannot do.
4. Digital printing 
Appear in the market for a long time and gradually asserted its position. Various printing technologies such as inkjet printers, lasers and xerography are often referred to as digital printing. These are the latest printing technologies and are gradually replacing other printing processes. Digital printing technology offers new capabilities such as customized data printing, where each print is completely different.
5. Gravure printing
There are many other printing technologies that each have their own strengths and functions, such as gravure printing technologies (mainly for printing on roll materials with sharpness and sophistication not inferior to Offset printing), Flexo printing, etc. 
This is a printing technology in which the image details to be printed are indented into a metal axis. When printing, ink is applied to the printing press plate filled with the plate and thanks to the pressure of the imaging machine, the print is printed on the surface of the material. Gravure printing is often used in high volume printing such as printing newspaper, packaging, plastic film, etc.
Among the popular printing technologies above, offset printing is considered the most modern printing technology, and is the most applicable on the market today. Offset printing is used for printing New Year's calendar, printing leaflets, printing name cards, etc.