Dong Duong Home Interior

From the very first days, Dong Duong Home Interior has determined its objective which is to become " The pioneering brand of high-quality services and world leading products ". The sustainable developments cannot be made without the bravery and intelligence of the executive board as well as the specialzed skills of the staff. These are the core factors for Dong Duong Home Interior to become a leading business in Vietnam and other countries in the field of providing interior equipment and materials. Accompanying Dong Duong, Bo Cong Anh has created a well-formed portfolio, which can reach targeted customers, to enhance business outcomes and catch customers' heart.
Project team
Hung Toi - Art Director
Nga Lam - Team Leader
Cham Thanh Thanh - Main Designer
Some our projects
Kem Celano Trân Châu Dâu Phô Mai
Branding / Website / Brochure - 2019
Nutimilk Rebranding Project
Branding / Website / Brochure - 2019
Fruit Milk Tet Holiday Packaging
Branding / Website / Brochure - 2019
Oh Fresh Logo Development
Branding / Website / Brochure - 2019