NCB Calendar 2022 Package Project

In the days of Tet, gratitude is always what we need to do. Same as NCB, putting all the loves, gratitudes, regards to the beloved customers, partners, employees who have accompanied with the development of NCB during 26 years into Tet publications is what NCB always do with carefulness, meticulous and passion. Being NCB's brand consulting partners for years with various of branding projects, we are always putting ourselves into NCB's position, understanding NCB to bring all of their precious loves through these publications.
Project team
Hung Toi - Art Director
Nga Lam - Team Leader
Cham Thanh Thanh - Main Designer
Some our projects
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Branding / Website / Brochure - 2019
Nutimilk Rebranding Project
Branding / Website / Brochure - 2019
Fruit Milk Tet Holiday Packaging
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Oh Fresh Logo Development
Branding / Website / Brochure - 2019